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Ramp Tubs?

I am in the extended research/buying decision stage on setting up my SSDW. I have been thinking about the tubs with the ramps built in vs. no ramps....The feedback that I get from friends and family is that I really need to have them available if people want them. There is the idea that a Bull Mastiff could come in which even I would not be able to carefully lift!

What do y’all think? Folks who have used either or both, upsides/downsides? How do the tubs with the ramps keep water from flowing out? Is it a tight seal? Do they tend to break? If purchasing again, what would you recommend? Anyone sorry that they didn't just buy the ramps to begin with, or the reverse, wish they did not spend the extra cash?

Thanks for any advice that you can offer!!

I myself am considering a SSDW and as a consumer who has used SSDW for over two years on a regular basis, I know that I would not use a business that didn't provide ramps. I have two large dogs (over 95 lbs.) and having the ramps isn't an option, it's a necessity.

Neither of my dogs are "trained" to use a ramp, but they had no problem using it. Granted, they were not too happy to use it because they knew what was coming, but they used it nonetheless and I haven't had any problems with them at all.

There are screens you can insert in the "doorway". I can tell you that water-tight isn't going to be the main concern here. In my limited experience, the water levels never get to where you would be concerned about it because the door openings are about 2 inches from the bottom of the tub.

We used a SSDW for a couple of years before we moved. They did not have the tubs that are available here, they had regular "people tubs" that were raised to waist height. This, as we all know works, but is not ideal, and the ramp that they had retrofitted for these tubs did not work well at all since the ramp brought the dog to the top of the tub ledge, which was 2 feet or so above the floor of the tub! They almost had to hop down into the tub!

I placed our order for tubs today, 6 in total, three of which will have ramps built in. I wish I could have afforded to buy ramps on all tubs, but I figure that if I expand the business in the future, I will be able to afford to buy ramp tubs at that point, and I will hope to be able to help customers lift the smaller (30-50lb) dogs into the non-ramp tubs.

Response from Dave Grass:

I think [the writer above] hit the nail on the head: Ramps on tubs well designed for them (such as the ones available at www.SelfServeDogWash.com) can be quite effective. However, adding a ramp to a tub not designed for it results in the ramp being too high, too steep, not stable enough, etc.

I am opening a ssdw and i have only thought about tubs with ramps. I just ordered my first 5 tubs. I live in the west where most people seem to have bigger dogs then in a city, thus the need for the ramp is a reality even though the cost is greater. also the population of elderly who will use the service is also a factor and a good marking ploy is in having the attendant wash the dogs for anyone over 75...

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