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Self serve dog washes offer you facilities to wash and groom your dog, while keeping prices down

The Low-Stress, Low-Cost Alternative to Home Bathing or the Groomer

Most pet owners would agree that keeping the family dog clean is a hassle. When Fido is leaving tracks on the carpet, looks like something the cat dragged in, or is trailing an odor reminiscent of yesterday's garbage, what do you do?

If the weather is warm, you could chase the dog around the yard with a hose, make mud puddles, ruin the grass with shampoo residue, and not really accomplish much. If you're feeling ambitious, you could wrestle him into the bathroom, make a soggy mess of you, the house, and every towel you own. Or, if you're feeling lazy, you could make an appointment with a groomer, requiring two trips, hours in a cage for the dog, and a significant chunk of change from your wallet. But, there is another easy, low-cost option that you may not be aware of: the self service dog wash.

Self serve dog wash businesses have been around for years, primarily in larger cities, but not all pet owners are aware of their existence or benefits. "What exactly IS a dog wash?", you might ask. Susie Atherton, owner of Canine Creek Dog Wash (www.CanineCreek.com) in Tehachapi, California, explains it simply as "a laundromat for dogs". "We offer professional grooming facilities, provide customers with the supplies and equipment they need to wash their own dog, then we clean up the hairy mess. Our waist-high grooming tubs with tie downs keep the dog safely in place, making the job easier and less stressful than home bathing. And, because you wash your pet yourself, our customers save an average of 30% to 50% over the cost of sending their dog to a groomer."

Because most dog washes are small, independently-owned businesses, facilities and services will vary from shop to shop. However, the majority offer grooming tubs with warm water sprayers, waterproof aprons, towels, pet dryers, and include a choice of pet shampoos in the bathing fees. Other amenities that are usually available include coat conditioners, holding crates, specialty grooming equipment, and the use of grooming tables. Basically, everything you'll need to keep your 4-legged friend smelling and looking great, without the hassle and mess of home bathing, or the expense of hiring someone to do it for you.

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