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A breakthrough in Dog Tub design and construction! Professional quality tubs that offer an innovative, attractive, practical alternative to stainless steel or other materials.

Wait until you see the unique features and what is included with these tubs, and for hundreds of dollars less than other premium tubs!

They also come with an industry leading, comprehensive 10-year warranty. It even includes ONSITE repair for 3 years!

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Both Liftgate Delivery and Call-Before-Delivery are included on Poly Pet Tubs shipments at NO CHARGE!  Also, there is no residential delivery surcharge!
Standard Tub Ramp Tub w/Door Little Tub
Customer Comments

"I LOVE THEM!!!!! If this takes off I'll put another one where my mirror is now just for me. The reaction has been fantastic. A few of the area groomers have been in and had never seen your tubs and they all loved them. Great product and I'd be happy to reccomend them to anyone."

"I have seen these in some other SSDW locations and the customers seem to go to them first."

"I have to tell you, I just LOVE the poly tubs. I've had so many people comment on them while still in the box! The plumber thinks they are great and can't wait to see them installed. I'm so glad I went with them."

"I really prefer the poly pet tubs. They hold any size dog, are quiet, sturdy and attractive. I would sell my stainless tub if I knew how to go about that. Then I could order another poly pet."

"They are even better quality than I expected. I'm really glad I went with them instead of stainless."

"...My husband and I both want to say a big THANK YOU to you and the company that makes the tub. We are so very pleased with the workmanship. I love the way it is so easy for the dogs to enter into the tub. The ramp is not scary at all to them....The plumber was even impressed with it and my landlord was also. It was worth the wait. Thanks for everything you did for me. If you ever need anyone to give their testimony about the tub I will be more than glad to do so."

"The tubs are absolutely beautiful! Honestly I was a little scared when I was ordering them, up until I opened the boxes!!!

...they are as solid as can be--I have no regrets and would recommend them over stainless for sure!! Once we get our place set up and running, I'll send you some pics so you can put some up and show people how nice they really are...the pictures on the site are good, but don't do them justice!"


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How Strong are Poly Pet Tubs?
6 People in Tub!
Click for larger image
Strong enough to securely hold 6 people!

Total weight in tub in this photo is 650 lbs!

Strong enough to survive a 14-foot drop onto solid ground without damage!
Tub dropped off deck!
Click for larger image
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The video is also available here on YouTube.com
Ramp in normal position Ramp in table position Ramp in small-dog platform position
These pics show ramp in all 3 possible positions.

Double Strainers & Spray Unit Mat, Restraint, & Door

A full 1/2 inch thick!
Look how thick!

Little tub side view Little tub inside


This video demonstrates some tub features.
Tub Features Demonstration
Watch The Features Video    Broadband  Dialup
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Material Characteristics
  • Constructed of durable, high-density polyethylene that is a full 1/2" thick, making it possibly the strongest tub on the market!
  • Has excellent impact resistance and does not dent. In fact, neither hard blows with a 2x4 nor dropping from considerable heights caused any structural damage in tests!
  • Doesn't have the sterile look of stainless steel, and there is no metal noise from objects such as sprayer heads, hoses, doors, dryer nozzles, etc. that can spook dogs and irritate people.
  • Will not, rust, corrode, or tarnish. Stain and odor resistant.
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals, including chlorine bleach, ammonia, alcohol, and most acids.
  • Molecular makeup of material makes surfaces even easier to rinse off and keep clean than stainless steel.
  • Resists scum/bacteria buildup, as practically nothing sticks well to it. Even markers, dyes, paint, glues, construction adhesives, caulking, and silicone come off even after fully drying!
  • FDA & USDA Approved, as well as RoHS Compliant.

How Are Poly Tubs Different From Others?
  • Splash Walls: Higher than other tubs to better contain water and hair.
  • Mat: Good footing is extremely important! This 1/2" thick rubber mat attaches to tub floor to prevent sliding, yet is easily lifted for cleaning. Provides secure, comfortable footing for dogs to stand on.

    Mat also allows water and debris to run off so animal isn't standing in it. Eliminates need for expensive floor grate, and provides easier to clean, safer surface (e.g., no holes for claws to get caught in).

    Space around mat contributes to good drainage and eliminates problem other tubs can have with hair being trapped between tub and grate.

  • Double Drains: Provides better drainage than other tubs. Drain holes are also resessed so that drains fit flush with floor of tub.
  • Restraint Bars: Bulges allow secure attachment to various points for better positioning of dogs. Large diameter makes releasing and moving restraint much easier (hooks available upon request).
  • Ramp: Ramp can be used as a small-dog platform inside tub, as well as a grooming or accessory table outside of tub! (See images above)

    Unlike other ramps, this one has 2" high sides. This not only makes it extremely strong, it also helps dogs feel more comfortable and secure navigating it, as their concern they might step off the edge is reduced.

    Ramp angle of incline is not steep. This is a major factor determining how readily dogs will use a ramp.

    Ramp is covered with rubber matting that is a full 3/8" thick for sure footing!

    Ramp can easily be removed as needed, simply by lifting.

  • Door: Opening is uniquely shaped to allow easier entry and exit of dogs.

    Door is quiet, and seals well to keep water in -- probably believe better than any other tub door on the market.

  • Sizes: 3 sizes available for all dogs and all applications (note that unlike most other tubs, extra-large tubs are also wider!).
  • Price: Considerably less expensive than other premium tubs.

    Shipping cost can also be significantly lower (due to lighter weight and smaller package since they are shipped with legs unattached).

Quality Construction
  • All joints are fully welded and watertight, so no caulking is used.
  • Sturdy legs with adjustable, non-skid levelers.
  • Bolts and nuts, leg levelers, etc. are stainless steel.

  • 48" Standard and Ramp Tubs: 48" long, 24" wide, 40" tall back and side splash walls, 14" front splash wall (ramp on ramp models is 36" x 14").
  • 58" Extra-Large Ramp Tub:  58" long, 28" wide, 40" tall back and side splash walls, 14" front splash wall (ramp on ramp models is 36" x 14").

  • Little Tub: 30" long, 18" wide, 24" tall back and side splash walls, 8" front splash wall.

Spec Sheets:  Plumbing specs are available upon request.

Samples:  If you'd like a free sample of the material these tubs are made of, just ask!

  • All tubs include:
    • 1/2"-thick rubber floor mat and mat holders.
    • Double-drain and faucet holes on choice of left or right side (little tub has double drains in rear of tub, with faucet on left or right side).
    • Restraint bars.
    • 2 tub restraints (except little tub which has one).
    • "X" models additionally include an Accessories Package worth about $600:
      • Highest-quality Spray Unit (faucet, sprayer, hose, vacuum breaker, sprayer holder).
      • Faucet installation kit (brass nipples, locknuts, washers, and elbows).
      • 2 stainless-steel drains with strainers.
      • Double drain pipe that connects to both drains.

      Accessories Package:  

      Accessories Package

      Click on model numbers below to purchase
      Note: When checking out, choose LEFT or RIGHT side plumbing. On "X" models, you will also be given a choice of spray units. Please e-mail or call with any questions.

      Standard Tubs:

      Model # Ramp Door Accessories
      P48 No No No $1,490
      P48-X No No Yes $1,890

      Ramp Tubs:

      Model # Ramp
      (Which also functions as
      small-dog platform & table)
      Door Accessories
      PRD48 Yes Yes No $1,990
      PRD48-X Yes Yes Yes $2,390

      Extra-Large 58"
      Model # Ramp
      (Which also functions as
      small-dog platform & table)
      Door Accessories
      PRD58 Yes Yes No $2,390
      PRD58-X Yes Yes Yes $2,790

      Little Tubs:

      Model # Deck Faucet Design Extended Legs Accessories
      P30 Yes Yes No $1,090
      P30-X Yes Yes Yes $1,440

      Faucets & Sprayers  Faucets and Sprayers  for these tubs

      Plumbing Equipment  Anti-Siphon Drain Traps  for these tubs

      More Comments
      "I like that it is made of poly instead of stainless steel. The industrial look and feel is less with the poly....I think it is sized right for a home grooming room as well as a grooming business.

      I think the style is great for professional groomers....Seems to be able to hold a lot of weight and you are correct about how easy to keep clean and sanitized. There is not much in this world that will stick to poly.

      Your pricing is much better than the stainless steel [tubs]...."

      "The material sounds like it’s strong as kryptonite, and much better looking than stainless steel."

      "The poly tubs look really nice - they seem to be a better price point than the stainless steel and just as durable and long lasting (plus they don't look as 'sterile' as the stainless)."

      "Your tubs look great, sturdy, easy to clean, attractive, and the value is great....I hope everyone sees the value in your attachment package..."

      "They look good! I think you have a great idea."

      "I saw the tubs and I thought they looked great....The only complaint I have about the stainless steel is that they make a lot of noise when the dog moves around and the dogs sometimes get spooked, so the ploy tubs would be great for that."

      "I did take a look at the new tubs and was very impressed!...Many people (myself included) complain about the noise from the ss tubs, so the new one's look like a great alternative. Ease of cleaning is another plus - it sounds like the manufacturer has taken that into account."

      "Those tubs look awesome."

      "The tub arrived today and it is beautiful!"

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