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Does anyone know if there is a franchise available in self service dog washes?? I am interested in starting my own business but would prefer to purchase a franchise - any insight is greatly appreciated!

We did all the home work...you can check out a franchise if you like but you can do it on your own for literally thens of thousands less... Dave's book is a great place to start. we checked out laund-ur-mutt that was a franchise but the cost was far too prohibitive...Good Luck you can do this

Response from Dave Grass:

[The writer above] is correct (and thanks for your comments,...)--I looked into a franchise that was available at the time I was working on my book, and their own estimate to get started was $150,000! Additionally, they take (or took at the time) 5% of gross receipts before expenses (which means a much higher percentage of profits).

I can't see benefits that would justify such expenses for this type of business.

Let me know if you have other questions.

We just opened our pet wash after reading Dave's book and using it as a guide. The book is a must!We saved thousands by not going the franchise, besides, no one knew what a self serve is in our area anyway. We are slow but our customers tell us how great of an idea this is and they will return. I expect to start making money in about six months. Thank you very much Dave, you are a great guy.

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