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I am in the very beginning research stage of this whole process, and in doing such research, I have found that my area already has a couple of "do-it-yourself" pet washing businesses.

I want to be completely honest with myself before I jump into this venture, so I want to know if anyone has advice on whether or not there is room for competition in this genre. Can I realistically expect to compete? When is a market considered saturated in the pet washing business?

I must say I was really disappointed to find out someone already had a dog wash in my city...I would really like to do this!!!

Response from Dave Grass:

I have good news--I think you may be looking at this a bit backwards (which is not unusual with newer business concepts). Competition can actually be a good thing. Here is a relevant excerpt from my book:

"There are also pros and cons to being the first self-serve facility in your area. It is nice to be the first at something with such potential, with no established competition to contend with. On the other hand, the lack of preexisting competitors also means the community will be less familiar with the concept. If you are the first, you will be the one blazing a new trail. Putting a sign out front will not be enough—you will need to promote public awareness..."

The book talks much more about this, but you get the picture.

Consider these questions:
-How many veterinarians are there in your area?
-How many stores are there that carry pet supplies?
-How many groomers are there?

I'll bet there are several to many of each! I know that in my area there are dozens.

For that matter, how many successful gas stations or convenient stores are there in your area?

The fact is that with such a large percentage of people having dogs in this country, and taking better care of them, this industry will continue to grow for a long time.

I also strongly advocate people in this business nurturing positive relationships, rather than viewing one another as adversaries. Pet sitters, for instance, have done this for years in many areas, to their mutual benefit.

I live in South Beach, FL and it seems that me and another group have the same idea. Unfortunately, affordable commercial real estate is very scarce. There is a huge market here for these services. Your Forums have been a priceless find. Thank you!

Response from Dave Grass:

Re possible competition: I wouldn't worry about that. As I discuss in my book and have mentioned on the message board and other places, competition is not necessarily a bad thing, and can actually be good. I'm sure your area can handle more than one SSDW, just as there are undoubtedly a number of veterinarians, groomers, etc...

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