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Some Owner Comments:

"After 7 months of Tucson City hassle, I have finally opened Tucson's first and only ss pet wash, Rub n Dry. In the 3 weeks I have been open we had the local NBC station run a story last Sat. at 5 and 10, and on Tues. the AZ star ran a whole page article on us. I did buy your book and used a mix of my own use of them in Calf. and others I have seen, and I made a very high-tech, friendly dog wash with 5 stations....and all that have come in have loved it. In the 3 weeks I have already had people coming back in. I spent way more than I meant to, but I always find that it is better to have more and impress, than to have less and people thinking about it.

...I want to thank you and your book for helping me."


"I am the owner of a SSDW called Scrubby Puppy, and I've been open for a month & a half. It's amazing the reaction and support I've been getting from the surrounding community. So far, I've been invited to 3 different pet fairs to set up a booth and the local paper has done a story on me which will soon be published (I hope).

This is my first business of any time and it has been an incredible (and stressful) learning experience. I am meeting the best kind of people (the ones that love their pets so much that they would rather groom them themselves than leave the somewhere for the day) and meeting so many wonderful dogs.

For so long I've worked at meaningless jobs (at least, to me) and now I work for myself, bring my dogs to work with me, and surround myself with great dogs and people. Although business has been sometimes slow, it hasn't been dead, and it's picking up every week. (Weekends are great!)

...good luck to everyone starting a pet wash--I highly recommend it (just don't open one down the street from me).

Thanks to Dave and good luck to all!"


"Our client base is growing daily, and we're optimistic that the business will succeed. In fact, we are already looking at buildings in Bakersfield CA (45 minutes away) for a second location. Hard to believe a California city of 250,000 people doesn't have a SSDW.

My husband and I have an excellent relationship with the pet community (vets, groomers, shelters, feed shops, trainers), and the support of the media -- we've received free press six times in five months in 3 newspapers. As of our first month, we were making enough to cover fixed expenses. We are, however, spending over $600 a month on advertising, which has been critical in educating the public about SSDW's -- a new concept in this area.

I believe our opportunity for exponential growth will be in January 2005 when the Yellow Pages comes out with our 3/4 page ad -- larger than that of any vet (3), groomer (4) or kennel (4) in town. Gotta think big to succeed! :-)

We give free baths to humane society adoptions, and a family came in with a Golden yesterday. The humane society volunteer and I washed, dried and spit-polished the dog while the new owners watched and browsed around the shop. The bath was "free", but they walked out with $45 in treats, grooming tools and a ceramic bowl."


"Business is thriving."


"U Dirty Dog opened, unofficially, on Sunday Dec 19th. We have been averaging 10 or more dogs a day. We have 4 tubs and they seem to all be full in the early afternoon then again around 6pm. I'm pretty happy because we have not even begun to advertise. It's possible that people just want clean dogs for the holidays so we will see. I'm sure that the visibility of our location has a lot to do with the traffic we are getting. People stop in to see what it's all about and really do come back with their dogs! I'm also selling a nice amount of gift certificates, which brings people in who may not have heard of the idea. Everyone is truly happy with their experience, say they will be back and will tell their friends. Our boutique is slow but it will be a work in progress, we have quirky upscale items so it may take a while. It really takes 2 people to be there together if possible, to ensure quick turnover of tubs. I liken it to bussing tables in a restaurant. The best part for me personally is that it really is an upbeat environment, everyone is happy and the dogs are so sweet. We have a groomer in, just once a week, until she gets enough dogs to quit her other job. She was in on Wednesday and I had 6 dogs for her. People call quite often about grooming or staff bathing."

"We've averaged over 40 dogs per week (SSDW)since we opened, but it's been increasing every week. We're nearly at 60 right now. We're also doing 16-20 grooms per week, and this is also on the rise. I would like to be at 90-100 dpw (dogs per week) by summer, and increase our grooming to 40 dpw."


"My plumber thought I went to some great lengths to get the tubs and was surprised how easy it was when I told him about you. I don't think I've taken advantage of your knowledge as much as I should have, but I do appreciate the advice you gave me when I asked."

"...Just to let you know, I've had 4 emails so far about people asking how to start--all of them were directed straight to you, you were right on with the book--thanks!"

“…increasing sales every month and making sure our customers are happy and healthy (the dogs, of course). I know I've thanked you before, but thanks again - It's not often one can find such honest and useful information when they are opening a business…”


"Let me first say THANK YOU for your book. It was a tremendous help in putting our store together....The business is doing so well that we hit a 'pay for itself' level in week seven! As you know, not many businesses can make that claim."


" I can't believe the buzz around my area in regard to my shop. We're not even done with construction and I've had calls requesting franchising information. My lawyer has investors set up for opening other shops for the future and my head is in a spin."


"Well, business is BOOMING! We have been absolutely slammed every day for the past month or so. I am very ready to think about another store....I wouldn't say we had a slow start, but I can't keep the tubs clean and ready for the next dog to hop in these days."


"Thanks for checking in. Things are going pretty great. We broke July's forecast sales volume by 160%. Everyone loves the tubs and our setup (even Animal Control was impressed with them when they came out to inspect)."


"Most of our customers are really appreciating the fact that they can wash their own pets with all the grooming equipment they need and raised tubs! We've only been opened for over 3 mos and we continue to gain new customers for both self-serve and grooming." "


"We Are In Business and Loving It!! My husband, his mother and sister and I, opened our dog wash in July. We bought a pre-existing business from someone who was retiring and moving away. The truth is we were very lucky since we just had to remodel the shop. We were trained by the previous owner, and we got his customer database. When we reopened after a month or two after he had closed the business, we had all these previous customers coming back. They were so happy we were back in business that the word got around. Thank you also for all the postings, we took all the advise we read on them."


"Hi, Dave. We opened on 3/9/07 and had a good first day. I told my husband that that day was one of the best of my life...spending it with people and the dogs that they love and adore. It was really wonderful."


[RE: Brand new facility just opened]

"Things are actually going well for the little advertisement we have done. Over the weekend we had about 28 dogs, so that was cool and at one point we were completely full and had a wait list for 2 dogs=).

Now I really know what you mean when you say a minimum of 4 tubs!!"


"Hi, Dave. I thought you might like to see some of your supplies in action. We now have a website....Thanks for all your help. We have been up and running for almost 3 months and customers are very enthusiastic. Things are going well....Again, thanks for all your help. Your book is a wealth of knowledge."


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